Sunday, December 03, 2006

Truely Beautiful

Many women may feel insecure in terms of beauty, but I want to say something to them. Beauty is not related with your age, nor is it with physical appearance to the people who loves you. Beauty of women lies not in the curves of her body, nor in the crowning glory, niether in the things she wear. Beauty lies in the caring she shows to everybody around. The divinity she has as a nurturer, as a mother. The duty she shows towards her partner. The forgiveness she teaches...The sacrifices she makes. So all the women out there...don’t fell into the trap of feeling insecure about the way u look...Age gracefully...and be beautiful within...because that beauty doesn’t get mellowed down with only increases! So wear your inner beauty and feel the beauty of life and universe. The recipe for beauty is to have less illusion and more Soul, to retreat from the belief of pain or pleasure in the body into the unchanging calm and glorious freedom of spiritual harmony.Belive that beauty is not real, it only exists in perception of...

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Blogger Thej Kumar S A said...

Perfectly true....
Inner beauty(kindness, caring nature etc) are more important for both men and women

3:45 AM  
Blogger Sunitha said...

you just made me feel great and strong.thku

7:12 AM  
Blogger SHANU said...

exlent madhu!!!!!
chala baga rasaav. kaani nuvvu epudu smart ga kanipistaav kada. so nenu niku inta knowledge untudhani epudu anukoledhu. very great thoughts about beauty. exlent ane word saripoledhu madhu really sorry. keep it up. gud luck madhu

11:42 AM  

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