Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Let Go Of Yourself And Speak Up! (Love Secret)

WHY do people hesitate to confess their love? True love is non reciprocal in nature, we all just hope to be lucky enough to receive it in return from that special person. Why would you choose to hold on to a gift that is not yours to begin with? That love belongs in the heart of someone else. Why withhold something so beautiful and essential to life from the person you claim to love? It does no one any good keeping it locked up tight. Why would you choose to live with the endless questions and doubts instead of seeking an answer that could lead you to happiness? The only answer to all of these is ego: fear of rejection, jealousy, possessiveness, and such. Once we let go of our own ego, quietly loving someone who cannot return it becomes a beautiful thing. Trust me! :)

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Anonymous Shlok said...

I think the chief reason holding people back is the fear of rejection and humiliation. But, we should look it this way, at no point are we worse off then what we started off with. Also, with professing your love, there is no way the other person can know. can they? atleast put the ball in their court..

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Shlok said...

i meant "without" profession your love..

7:15 PM  

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