Monday, January 15, 2007

Tears and Love

She said love is a dream. He said love is a sham. She said love was life. He said love is a farce. She said love is divine. He said love is evil. They were diversity brought together. She was a dreamer, he a realist. But what they had in common was respect for each other. And of course, they were friends.

For the rest, it was a wonder how they got along so well. When mentioned, she used to give a wry smile and he, used to just roll his eyes. But they did get along so well. After all they were supposed to be mature and grown up when it came to relationships.

She was a prankster. He was very serious. She loved to make faces, talk like a kid, fool around and majorly have fun. He was just the opposite. For him, work was worship. She loved to have more friends. He kept to his old friends. Cherished them, and was willing to die for them. She had loads of friends, and kept forgetting people’s names when they called her up. He used to shout at her. She was not the one used with being shouted at. But she understood that he meant her well. And used to accept him, as he was. This did not mean that they did not have fights between themselves. They fought teeth and nail. The walked away from each other like bitter enemies. But they always came back together. And their friends used to say “Heavens alone know why and when”!

Then, she had to go to a distant place. And she found that he was a part of her life. But she kept it to herself. Because she was bound to another by marriage. As they stood at the check in counter of the airport, they shook hands, parting way as friends do. Both knew, they may never see themselves again. She did not make an eye contact with him till she walked past the security gate. But then she could not control herself, she looked back, and their eyes met. And in his eyes, she saw a tear. A tear which said that he had changed his views on love.

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