Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Work Out As You Will

Swimming is the best exercise. No, wait, walking is. Hmm, how about yoga? That’s good and safe for everyone, right? So what’s the official word on that? Just like there’s no ‘right man/ ideal woman’ to get married to, it changes in each phase of our life, there is no ‘best’ exercise. But, unlike relationships, with exercise, you have the option of moving from one to another without a sense of guilt or betrayal. The ‘best’ exercise is one that engages you physically, mentally, emotionally, and on levels even deeper than that. It is something that you look forward to on a daily basis, it is the reason you eat dinner on time, it is the reason you hit the bed early. It is the reason you wake up even before your alarm goes off. It makes you feel beautiful inside out, it keeps you young, makes you smile, fall in love with yourself all over again. Yes, the ‘right’ exercise has that magical effect on all of us, it can calm our nerves, sharpen our memory, erase those worry lines, flatten that bulge under the eye and over the stomach and make you light and contented like a happy child. It is up to us to seek the ‘right’ exercise, because there are no set rules on how to keep the body in top shape. Information so authoritatively dispensed by various newspapers and tabloids, or at a bout of party gossip, can’t rule our heads or heart when it comes to making decisions about our workout. Some of us will find it in yoga, some of us in running, some find it in pumping iron and others while biking at dawn. The question is, are you searching?

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